Will Anyone Draft Bronny James? Lakers and NBA Await Decision

Will Anyone Draft Bronny James? Lakers and NBA Await Decision
Tristan Veldsman Jun 28 2024

Will Bronny James Fulfill the NBA's Expectations?

Bronny James, the elder son of NBA legend LeBron James, has long been a subject of public fascination and scrutiny. As he edges closer to the upcoming NBA Draft, the question on everyone's lips remains: will Bronny make the cut? The stakes are high, and the speculation has been intense. Bronny has not yet been selected in the first round, but he remains a viable candidate for the later picks, ranging from 31 to 58. Such a selection could significantly alter the trajectory of his budding basketball career.

At the University of Southern California (USC), Bronny had an auspicious start, averaging 4.8 points per game during his debut season. While these statistics may not be earth-shattering, they demonstrate a solid foundation and potential for growth in a competitive league. His college journey, however, has not been without its hurdles. In July of last year, Bronny suffered a cardiac arrest during a USC workout session, an incident that sent waves of concern through the basketball community. Fortunately, after being diagnosed with a treatable heart condition, he received medical clearance to resume playing. This event has only added layers to the narrative surrounding Bronny, compelling both scouts and fans to keep a close eye on his recovery and performance.

LeBron James: A Legacy and a Dream

For LeBron James, the vision of playing alongside his son in the NBA has been a cherished aspiration. At 39 years old, LeBron has shown no signs of slowing down. In fact, he has been exceeding expectations with his on-court performances, notably improving his three-point shooting capabilities. Achieving a 41% success rate, LeBron has outpaced the league average and even performed better than Steph Curry in this particular metric this season. This kind of legacy-making precision underscores why LeBron remains a dominant force in the league, despite his advancing years.

Nevertheless, LeBron has recently tempered his public enthusiasm for this unprecedented father-son basketball scenario. His comments have shifted from certainties to possibilities, perhaps influenced by the unpredictable nature of both his and Bronny's professional futures. Despite such tempered expectations, the allure of a father-son duo gracing the NBA courts simultaneously holds a unique appeal, both from an emotional standpoint and for its rarity in professional sports.

Potential Destinations for Bronny

Potential Destinations for Bronny

The Los Angeles Lakers, Bronny’s father’s current team, hold the 55th pick in the draft. This positioning makes them a prime candidate to acquire Bronny, potentially making LeBron's dream a reality. Beyond the Lakers, several other teams could consider selecting Bronny, especially if LeBron decides to test free agency waters while wanting to stay close to Southern California. Teams like the Utah Jazz, Portland Trail Blazers, Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors, and the Denver Nuggets present appealing options. Each franchise has its distinctive strengths and market pulls, but all would likely relish the PR and ticket-sale boon of adding a young James to their roster.

What remains unequivocally clear is that Bronny James is more than just a legacy player riding on his father's coattails. His journey is one marked by personal and athletic trials, making his potential entry into the NBA a story of resilience and aspiration. Bronny has exhibited the fundamentals that can be built upon, giving him an edge as a promising pick in the later rounds.

The Weight of Legacy

Being the son of a basketball titan carries its own set of pressures and expectations. Bronny has grown up in the limelight, almost predestined to follow in his father's monumental footsteps. This generational handover of talent and ambition not only adds a compelling dimension to Bronny's story but also sets the stage for intriguing developments in the near future.

Much like when LeBron first entered the NBA, each game, each play, and each decision will be dissected and discussed ad nauseam. But unlike his father, Bronny's story involves evolving sports sciences, unforeseen medical emergencies, and the advancing digital age that magnifies every aspect of his public and private life. The scrutiny is both an opportunity and a crucible, shaping him into a player who could potentially leave his own indelible mark on the sport.

Bronny's Road Ahead

Bronny's Road Ahead

The intrigue surrounding Bronny James is not just confined to American shores. International audiences, too, are eagerly anticipating how his career unfolds. His international appeal is amplified by his father's global icon status. The younger James's journey could mark a new chapter not only for the NBA but in sports history, entrancing fans around the globe.

In an era of sports dynasties, the possible James-James duo would be a spectacle for the ages. If Bronny can overcome his health challenges and accumulate impressive stats, he could chart a path that's uniquely his own, even as he keeps the family legacy alive. For now, the clock continues to tick as fans, teams, and players await the final draft decisions. The story is far from over, and Bronny James's next act promises to be just as compelling as the prologue.


Whether or not Bronny James gets drafted in the early or late rounds, one thing is clear: his entry into the NBA would be a remarkable event. The young athlete has shown resilience, skill, and the ability to rise above challenges. As the draft approaches, NBA fans and critics alike are watching closely. Whatever happens, Bronny's journey is set to add another exciting chapter to the James family saga and the NBA as a whole.