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Argentina's Ambitious Oil IPO and Milei's Economic Reforms: A New Era for Argentine Markets
Tristan Veldsman Jun 12 2024

Petrolera Aconcagua Energia SA is gearing up to list on Argentina’s stock market, seeking funds for expansion amid President Javier Milei’s economic reforms. The IPO reflects a wider trend of companies raising capital as Milei aims to deregulate the economy, impacting oil and gas sectors, foreign investments, and fuel prices.

FlySafair's Crucial Discussions with Air Service Licensing Council Over Ownership Norms
Tristan Veldsman May 8 2024

FlySafair's future hangs in the balance as it prepares for a pivotal meeting with the Air Service Licensing Council this Friday. The session is a response to allegations by Airlink and Global Airways about ownership compliance, which could lead to a potential suspension of FlySafair's operating license.